CITC Values

  • We work in team to achieve common ends .
  • We advocate professional behavior and ethical conduct .
  • We value personal development and organizational learning .
  • We strive customer satisfaction by providing them with the most advanced technological solutions .
  • We choose to excel in all aspects of our business .
  • We are committed to build a strong relationship with customers based on trust and respect .
  • We continuously improve to maintain our success .

Vision & Mission

Our Services


CITC is one of the successful partners in activating the implementation of e-government projects and achieving information integration between state agencies and institutions through the use of ICTs to improve the performance of government services, which was characterized mainly by bureaucracy, Depends on the use of information and communication technology to improve the services provided to citizens in an easy and flexible way over the Internet, which saves a lot of effort and money and thus reduce the cost of service performance and also reduce reliance on paper works in government transactions.


IT Consulting

CITC has attracted a wide range of professional, technical and financial expertise in the field of administrative development and information technology, which has accumulated 40 years of experience in many fields (programmers, designers, consultants and experts) to implement many national projects and provide specialized technical advice and solutions.


Electronic Portals

CITC is one of the successful partners in activating the implementation of the government's projects related to the establishment of e-gates, whereby a group of services are presented in a combined version of the pages, enabling quick access to information on the Internet with flexibility and ease. Where the company in coordination with the Civil Status Sector of the Ministry of Interior to establish a Web portal to provide effective service to several ministries, agencies, banks and the National Telecommunications Authority to serve the security and confidentiality of national security information and services traded between mobile companies and distributors and citizens.


CITC Training Institute

Due to the importance of qualified personnel and the need for ministries and institutions to develop continuously in the field of information technology, CITC has studied the training needs of these institutions and prepared intensive training programs for its employees and officials in the field of using and implementing the projects implemented in order to maximize the use of this element as a building unit in the institutional organization.


Signing several protocols of cooperation

Signing several protocols of cooperation with the ministries of state and government agencies, where several cooperation protocols were signed with the Ministries of Health, Supply, Administrative Development, Social Solidarity, the Central Bank of Egypt, the Recruitment Department, the Public Security Department, the Administrative Control Authority.


Our Projects