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With a legalized capital of 40 million EGP, CITC was founded back in February 2000 to become one of the leading system integrator companies in Egypt.

As a major management IT consulting and systems Integration firm , CITC mission is to use its wide expertise in providing high quality IT consulting services ,system integration, project management and System development for governmental agencies to operate more efficiently.

CITC advances the ideals of professional working environment. It encourages the free exchange of ideas between its employees and advocates open and on-going interaction with key leaders in the field throughout Egypt and worldwide.

CITC's high level of professionalism was demonstrated when the Egyptian government entrusted it with the responsability of developing a complete information life cycle for the National ID system.

As expert in the field, CITC is involved in every stage of system's development starting from planning to maintaining the system. Our extensive skills encompass all aspects of design and development including selection of best engineering methodologies, business requirements' definition, planning, system design, software and hardware customization to fit customers' needs, development and maintenance.

To achieve its mission, CITC seeks to maintain a highly qualified professional staff. It thus focused on offering a wide pool of training programs including outsourcing for its employees to present professional engineers that will contribute in the information technology’s future.

Outstanding managerial skills, professional and qualified technical staff, application of the latest engineering methodologies and use of other resources both effectively and efficiently are also key factors for CITC’s pursuit of excellence .


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To bring up the latest technological advancement in software engineering in Egypt and as a contribution in Egypt's effort towards moving to an E-Government, the following parties collaborated to create CITC' story of success.


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CMMI is an aid for organizational and project process improvement. It is an organized collection of best practice attributes. As a process model CMMI deals with project management processes, organizational processes, and organizational support to projects. The goal is to reduce risk, improve predictability, and increased product quality. CITC is certified for CMMI L2.

About Our Team


CITC' most valuable asset lies in its professionally qualified staff whose experience extend to over 35 years in establishing large database systems and effective integrated technical solutions.CITC takes pride of its exceptionally qualified, internationally certified technical team.CITC employs a large number of internationally certified engineers with certification qualifications from leading IT vendors such as Computer Associate, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle. Our dedicated teams strive for success and work in contributing to the technological breakthrough in Egypt.

About Partners


Throughout the past years, CITC has proven its success in establishing strong partnerships with leading IT vendors such as Computer Associates, IBM, Cisco Systems and Microsoft. These partnerships enabled CITC to have a leading position in the Egyptian market. It also made CITC apply the latest technologies available in the market. CITC pride itself for having made such strong partnerships and consider its partners one of the main reasons for its success.