Why work with us ?

  • Seek Innovation: As a Sustainability-oriented company, CITC continually position itself to perceive of, and adapt to, competitive pressures and the continual change of contexts
  • Listen: Listening to every idea promotes spontaneity, creativity and innovation.
  • Motivation: CITC recognizes that in order to achieve goals, employees must be stimulated and energetic.
  • Diversity in Culture and Workplace: "Sometimes, being yourself is a job requirement. It's the amazing diversity of CITC employees that allows us to do extraordinary things".

What To Expect ?

CITC's teams are known for their passion to learn, innovate, and get results. We believe that our people are the most important investment. Thus, it is our high standards that helped us build a culture of teamwork and trust, creating a sense of continual career growth at both the departmental and company-wide levels.

      The LAN Administrator works as part of TS team and is mainly responsible of activities related Software Installation and administration activities. Activities include:

    • Installation/customization of distributed systems software

    • Evaluate and/or recommend purchases of computers, network hardware, peripheral equipment, and software

    • Perform and/or oversee software and application development, installation, and upgrades; maintain site licenses for department/organization

    • Perform System / Network / Security Management

    • Troubleshoots networks, systems, and applications to identify and correct malfunctions and other operational difficulties

    • Technical Support

    • Maintains currency of knowledge with respect to relevant state-of-the-art technology, equipment, and/or systems.

    • Restores data and system after a system failure has occurred.

    • Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.

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      The Database Administration Assistant (DBA) responsibilities include:

    • Controlling access to the database systems, its data and resources using the system functions and administrative procedures.

    • Implementing and altering database design as requested.

    • Maintaining integrity of relational database models.

    • Loading and exchanging data between different database systems as required.

    • Managing data storage.

    • Ensuring the proper operation of the different database systems and data archive systems.

    • Backing up the data fully and incrementally and recovering it if required.

    • Monitoring and fine tuning database performance using available tools.

    • Inspecting problems facing application programmers accessing the different database systems.

    • Preparing summary and aggregate reports on different kinds of projects' data as requested for supporting decision makers.

    • Documenting databases' structures.

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