The Egyptian Hajj system has been developed since receiving the applications for pilgrimage and the return of the pilgrims to the country. The development works were carried out in two stages, where the first phase start with the development of all the organizing procedures for pilgrimage within the country until the pilgrims leave the country. This includes electronic connectivity to all institutions related to Hajj affairs inside the Republic. verify the accuracy of the data of the applicant and to verify the accuracy of the data of the applicant and to achieve the centralization of data for all types of Hajj (lottery, tourism associations, institutions) at the official body entrusted with organizing the pilgrimage from the first moment at the Ministry of Interior to start the season by submitting Hajj requests on one website to deal with All these types of pilgrimage, with complete integration with the database of the national number at Civil Status Organization (CSO) to review the accuracy of applicants data and companions to perform the holy steps and apply the rules governing the acceptance of applications in terms of equitable geographical distribution between the governorates and Also provide full mechanization of the process of drawing lots between applicants and determine the lists of winners by lot, basic win or reserve or by acclamation. While the development work for the second phase of the development of all the mechanisms of the Egyptian mission in the management of the Egyptian pilgrims during their presence in the Holy Land until their return to the homeland from the immediate follow-up of pilgrims from the departure until the arrival with the trace of the transfer of pilgrims in the Holy Land. The Egyptian Hajj system