National ID SYSTEM

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CITC is making a significant contribution to Egypt by upgrading the information technology system of the National ID project. This new system was created in response to the Egyptian society's need for providing its citizens with social security and economic stability. The National ID System is working on developing information systems to create a national database system for citizens. This system transfers data to all governmental establishments in the country supporting thus decision making and planning in social and economic areas.

  • Providing Social security for the individual with accurate determination of his identity when dealing with different governmental organizations by issuing a newly secured identity card impossible to fraud.

  • Facilitating and speeding up acquiring data about citizens and detection of their main records, which put an end to the burden previously imposed on citizens resulting from the slow path of regulations.

  • Creating a specific, unrepeated national ID card for individuals in society to be used as a reference for their identification.

  • Maintaining the highest security’s level in Legal documentation for civil information with the highest level of confidentiality(Birth- Death- Marriage- Divorce).

  • Facilitating the access to any data in civil information after establishing a wide database for all Egyptians.

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