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The national number project and the modernization of the civil status system in Egypt (2001- to date)

The modernization of the civil status system in Egypt is one of the most important requirements of building a modern society based on economic development and social security. The civil conditions reflect the information image of human beings and they are the basic element of society. Therefore, the National ID System has addressed the establishment of national databases for all members of society to build an integrated system capable of providing information to all the beneficiaries in the country in support of planning and making public decisions related to economic and social development. The project has contributed through the State budget to the establishment of the Civil Status Information Center, the construction of birth, death, marriage, divorce and family registration databases, the establishment and updating of new ID card issuing centers, the provision of data collection equipment from citizens and the issuing machines, And providing advanced technological equipment in this field.
CITC undertakes the development and implementation of the work and the technical support service for the following basic items:

  • Technical support works for the main computers at the main center in Abbasiya, preparing the applications and restructuring the databases to include the integration of the national number projects from the birth and death databases, marriage, divorce, family registration, elections, updating pictures and fingerprints and historical preservation of all transactions carried out for citizens.

  • Technical support work for the computer in the production of card issuing center at 6 October site and update databases to include images of citizens and fingerprints.

  • Technical support for the operating systems, communications and follow-up of the main computers for the safe handling of external entities of the national number project, including the preparation of applications, building and updating databases on a regular basis and providing customer support service 24 hours a day.

  • Technical support to manage the encyclopedia of systems and programs for the information technology program groups for the integrated model of the national number project, which will be managed in conjunction with the technicians of the Civil Status Organization (CSO).

  • Technical support for control system, complete security for end-point terminals.

  • Technical support for system protection against hacking operations.

  • Technical support for the card production center, the issuing centers and the current or future service locations.

  • Technical support for the integration work of the National ID database with many external parties (Recruitment Department, Public Security Department, Labor Permits Department, Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade, General Directorate of Traffic, General Organization for Social Insurance, Administrative Control Authority, Ministry of Justice - Ministry of Social Solidarity - Central Bank of Egypt ....)

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