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Why CITC Training Institute Has No Other Substitute?


Professional Computer Training.

• Modern Training Center.

• Professional training environment.

• Classes equipped with all educational facilities.

• Professional qualified instructors.

• Customized courses according to company’s demands.

• Courses designed for employees and professionals.

• Flexible class scheduling.

• Classes Rentals for companies.

• Guaranteed satisfaction.

• Consistent training delivery methodologies.

• 100% Instructor Led training programs.

• Computer- based Online Training.

Get the most of Your Training Investment


CITC Computer training Institute (CTI) was recently established to develop and deliver cost-effective technical software applications training programs to individuals, as well as corporate, government and education institutions to offer to the Egyptian market qualified professional engineers.

CTI offers hands-on, skills-based computer training for those who want to master technical IT skills and contribute in shaping up the information technology’s future.

CTI offers state-of-the-art, top –end computer systems, high –speed internet access, marker boards, audio and visual facilities classrooms all in a professional educational atmosphere.

CTI’s classes cater to young engineers in the software industry and those who have been administrators for years. CTI provides thus a wide pool of technical training programs starting from introductory courses to the most advanced technical courses in the IT field.

CTI advances its ideology of providing the Egyptian market with qualified certified technical engineers that can not only compete but also excel in their field of specialization by engaging them in a set of extensive technical training programs enabling them to gain place in the competitive job market.