In view of the development of computers, operating systems and communications, and the increase in the volume of business steadily, in cooperation with IBM, upgrading the efficiency of computers and storage units in several stages commensurate with the daily transaction rates of civil status cases of birth and death, marriage and divorce, Death, marriage, divorce, family registration, issuance of national ID card and renewal, in addition to community accreditation on the national database.

The installation, development, updating and operation of the main computers at Abbasiya site and the October site, the operation of the magnetic storage and tape systems, the operation of the systems and applications related to the requirements of the national number, the operation of the network equipment and software, infrastructure equipment and information center facilities for both the main computer and the computer at the sites of Abbasia and October , Integrated synchronization devices are in operation, where the alternative computers are operated immediately after the failure of the main computers in an automated manner, and ensure that data is maintained in both the main computers and the alternative computers in real time and without loosing any of them. The implementation of this project represents a real revolution in the field of information and communication technology on regional level and has not been implemented at the local level within the Republic.